Government of Tamil Nadu
Functions of the Commissionerate of Industries and Commerce

Providing Escort Services to the Entrepreneurs towards identification of industry and preparation of project profiles for assistance from financial institutions/banks.

  1. Giving technical counselling and creating awareness about the policies and programmes on industrial development of the State / Central Governments, through seminars and dissemination meets.
  2. Conducting Entrepreneurship and Skilled Development Training Programmes.
  3. Obtaining clearance for starting an enterprise from Government departments through Single Window Clearance Committee.
  4. Issue of acknowledgement (both manually and through online) for Entrepreneur Memorandum Part I and Part II for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.
  5. Sanction and disbursement of incentives and subsidies to MSMEs.
  6. Implementation of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme, Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) and State sponsored New Entrepreneur – cum – Enterprise Development Scheme (NEEDS), Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme (UYEGP) for educated unemployed youth especially for economically weaker sections by arranging advances with subsidy through banks.
  7. To facilitate the payment of dues to the Micro and Small Enterprises from the buying industries through the Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Council.
  8. Provision of testing facilities for chemicals, metals, metallurgical, electrical and electronic gadgets and appliances.
  9. Training facilities in the fields of light engineering, tools, die designing and glass.
  10. Maintenance of the special purpose industrial estates for electrical and electronic industries.
  11. Providing entrepreneurial guidance through the Data Banks, Information Centres and Technical Information Sections attached to the District Industries Centres.
  12. Implementation of the Quality Control Order on electrical household appliances, etc.
  13. Development and promotion of the cottage and handicraft industries.
  14. Export Promotion through the Export Promotion Cell in the District Industries Centres.
  15. Processing rehabilitation proposals of sick Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and implementation of the rehabilitation assistance schemes.
  16. Supervision on implementation of Special Assistance Schemes announced by the State / Central Government for small and micro enterprises.
  17. Identifying existing potential opportunities in the districts, prepration of project profiles and preparation of technical feasibilities for the projects to be financed by the financial institutions on need basis.
  18. To recommend proposals relating to awards to Micro and Small Enterprises given by Central and State Governments.
  19. Registration and development of the Industrial Cooperative Societies.
  20. Providing financial assistance to the Industrial Cooperative Societies through the TAICO bank and other financial institutions.
  21. Implementation and monitoring of various schemes including SFURTI, REMOT under Coir Sector in the State.

These Programmes are implemented with an accent on development and modernisation of industries, up gradation of technology and quality control. The packages of services offered by the Directorate of Industries and Commerce are multidimensional and need based so that industrial growth is facilitated.